The law firm is involved in socially beneficial cases and non-profit projects.

For instance, the law firm prepared and filed Senate legal action towards the Constitutional Court in the case of restriction of civil rights during the visit of Chinese President  in 2016 and represented (with other colleagues) citizens in an administrative suit for violation of the right of assembly against the City of Prague´s Transport Office and Police of The Czech Republic, who made a lawful demonstration near Prague Castle impossible in the same case.

The office legally represents AcaMedia z.ú. (Sinopsis project) in dispute with Home Credit, a.s. on a pro bono basis.


The firm also provided nonprofits with assistance in the legal aspects related to recodification of the Civil Code https://www.facebook.com/TransformaceObcanskehoSektoru of the Civic Sector

For the Czech National Committee of the International Press Institute, the Office prepared a draft amendment to the Election Act that would remove journalists' sanctions during the election campaign. https://www.kuceralegal.cz/international-press-institute-kulaty-stul-snemovni-7-partner-ka-predstavil-navrh-zmeny-volebniho-zakona-https-www-czipi-cz-p139/

Jiří Kučera founded the Endowment Fund of Independent Journalism (NFNŽ) in 2016 https://www.nfnz.cz/o-nas/kdo-jsme/ and since that year he has been Vice-Chairman of the Fund's Board of Directors.

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